How many YouTube views do you need to make money?

There are many things to consider when you think of creating a YouTube channel. You might ask yourself, “How many YouTube views are necessary to make money?”

It depends. You’ll hear it a lot. You will listen to a lot of “it depends”, but that doesn’t help you much. So I thought I would give you some facts based on channels and statistics.

The short answer is…

YouTube requires that you earn at least $100 to be paid. Most channels make between $4 and $15 for 1000 views. YouTube requires that you have at least 10,000 views to be paid if your channel has a revenue of $10 per 1000 views. Once enrolled in the YouTube Partner Program, you will need at least $100.

YouTubers who have signed up for the Partner Program earn between $0.004 to $0.015 per YouTube video view.

You must be accepted into YouTube Partner Program to receive ads on your videos.


How can you be accepted into YouTube Partner Program?

These are the requirements to be a YouTube Partner Program participant :

  • Follow all YouTube monetization policies.
  • You can live in a country/region with the YouTube Partner program.
  • In the past 12 months, you have had more than 4,000 hours of valid public watch.
  • More than 1000 subscribers
  • Create an AdSense account.

You will usually be accepted into the YouTube Partner Program if you have 1,000 subscribers.

If your videos aren’t too long and your viewers don’t watch many of them, you can reach the 4,000-hour watch time goal in twelve months.

This is how easy it is to manage.

4000 hours = 240,000 minutes. If your videos average 8 minutes long and your retention rate (percentage that your video is watched) is around 50%, you can achieve 240,000 minutes annually. This means that each view is worth, on average, 4 minutes.

To monetize, you need to have 60,000 views (if you also reach 1000 subscribers).

It doesn’t need to be just one video. You can reach 240,000 minutes if you have 30 videos that average 2,000 views (with a 4-minute average watch time).